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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 7: Racial Inequality in the Media

Hey, everyone. Sorry that this post is late; I gave the new dog a bath when I got home--and then spent the rest of the night cleaning up the bathroom. LOL

Anyway, this week's blog post focuses on the scene in Chapter 1 of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, where Claudia's hatred of Shirley Temple and the white baby dolls is transferred onto white girls, as a result of her anger over the injustice of being denied the same attention and reverence merely because of the color of her skin. I'd like you to think of similar instances of racial inequality in the media and the economy; in your comment, give an example of how certain racial/ethnic groups are underrepresentated in TV shows/movies or in stores. What kind of message does this send, both to members of that particular race/ethnicity and to others?

Your response will count as a homework assignment for the second marking period.

Have a happy--and safe--Halloween tomorrow!! :-)


  1. john rivera one example is in jobs they hire differnt types of races for certain jobs. for exampe if a black guy would go for a job and a white guy applies for the same job the white guy would get it because of his skin color

  2. Edwin Grullon

    Well in that time the employers were usaslly White..And if the Employer is white, then it is a good chance that he was racist. And if they were racist, then the employer is immediately going to say that the white man is going to do a better job the a black man. So the white employer is obviously going to hire the white man over the black man.

  3. Aileen pelegrin

    Everyone is accustomed to white baby dolls as well as white Santa clauses. last year was the first time i saw a colored Santa clause and felt weird because i was so used to seeing the white one. thats an example of racial inequality amoung humans. why? well because i feel as if we let everything stay as it is for instance stereo types of how whites are better than blacks.