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Friday, October 1, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 3: Walter as Prometheus

Hello, all. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!! So here's what I want to talk about this week:

In Act 2, Scene 1 of A Raisin in the Sun, we read about how George Murchison compared Walter Younger to Prometheus, the man who was punished for stealing fire from the gods in Greek mythology. Like Prometheus, Walter struggles against the ruling class, white society, for the opportunity to achieve his American dream. In many ways, this reminds me of being an adolescent: teenagers struggle with the established authority (parents) for more power and more freedom.

My question is this: why is Walter unhappy? Try to put yourself in his shoes. Why has he chosen a liquor store as a means to realize his goal? What other choices could he have made, that might have achieved the same things? When have you gone against your parents' wishes, only to realize that you made the wrong choice?

This will count as a homework assignment for this marking period.


  1. Walter need this liquor store to fulfill his "American Dream". Not being a chauffeur and obey every command he is told to do. I dont"t know what else he can do to achieve his dream instead of consuming this liquor store. I dont have any parents my mother wasn't able to be a mother though did tons of stuff at a young age that made me realize I made a wrong choice's. - DARA

  2. i think walter(I)needs to start off somewhere before he can fulfill the "AMERICAN DREAM". so he(I)decide to go with the liquor store but later on regeted it and made the wrong choice with no parent guidance. (courtney)

  3. Walter Is Unhappy Because He Want To Buy A Liquor Store And His Mother Doesn't Want Him To Buy It. -Zaniya Walcott

  4. Edwin Grullon.............

    Walter Lee Younger is miserable because he does not fit in with the environment he works in. All of the friends are successful and he is main source of income. He wants to be able to do everything for the family and fulfill his family's needs. So he feels as if he cannot accomplish anything. W hen I put myself in Walter's shoes, I think he chose the liquor store because at that moment that is the fastest method of making money, and I think that money is crucial when you want to fulfill your “American Dream.”

  5. Aileen Pelegrin

    Walter Lee is unhappy because he's poor. he is the provider in the household and apparently doesn't provide enough. his wish is to open a liquor store but his mother is against his wish,because of her religious belief. Not opening this liquor store is devastating to him because this could potentially be his big break, if he had this he will be at the same level as his friends.another way he could have gotten this money is by owning a bakery. one time i went against what my parents said was one cold winter and i went to have a snowball fight i stayed out so late because i was having so much fun that i got a cold the nest day -_-.

  6. john rivera he is unhappy because he is not a rich person and wanted the best for his family but his mom didnt want that to happen. he could have kept funding her collge instead of the liquor store.