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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 5: Walter's Redemption

Hi, everybody!! I'm sorry that I'm late posting thisweek's question; I'd planned on posting itbefore leaving for my cousin's wedding on Friday, but time got away from me, and yesterday was crazy-busy, too.

Anyway, as we're finishing up A Raisin in the Sun, we see Walter mature in the story's resolution. Even though he's been a grown man for the story's duration, this still is his "coming-of age" story. What I want to ask you is, how does Walter finally "grow up" while talking with Mr. Lindner? Has he truly earned his family's forgiveness?

This will count as the last homework for the first marking period.


  1. Edwin Grullon

    I still dont think that Mr.Younger has grown up or is growing up. i think that he is just following Mr.lindner's beliefs and ideas... I am still not convinced that he is growing up or already grown.

    Yes walter has finally earned his families forgivnesss.He lets Mr.linde know what his families genaration went through to get to where tehy r now. He lets himknow how proud he is of his sisterrr, and his son. And his dad for working hard for every penny in hopes of his family haveing a good life. Walter kind of help mama accomplish her american dream because his decision at the end to move into the new house, w/ a garden in it was mamas dream all along to live in ahouse w/ a garden. so walter finally relized that his parents worked hard to get them where they are now, now its his responsibilities to hold on to that andhelp his family get to a better place in life :)

  3. Edwin Grullon

    I Still disagree with Shehrina