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Friday, October 8, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 4: Walter's Mistake

Hey, all. I hope that everyone is enjoying this long Columbus Day weekend!! :-)

This past week, we've read about how Walter was cheated out of the insurance money by Willy Harris, a man whom he thought was a friend. We have seen how, through his selfishness and shortsightedness, he has destroyed not only his own "American Dream," but the dreams of his sister and mother, as well.

Once again, I'm asking you to put yourself in Walter's shoes. Obviously, he can't get the money back; Willy Harris is long gone. But, if you could give Walter some advice, tell him what he needs to do in order to apologize, and to begin to make things up to them.

This will count as a homework assignment for the first marking period.


  1. When I put myself in Walter's shoes... it seems there's nothing I can do to make it up to my family. Mama trusted Walter with that insurance money. He couldn't believe she trusted him like that so he shouldn't have let her down. He was too selfish and greedy and he gave away all the money in the liquor store investment. Beneatha's school money is all gone along with the rest his mom gave him for himself. Walter shoud have opened the two bank accounts like his mother had told him to. Even if he couldn't control the urge to stay out of the liquor store deal, he should've just used his share of the money and leave Beneatha's. When it comes to giving Walter advise, i dont know what to say. He doesn't have a top class job or a big bank account where he could pay back the money. His job doesn't pay him enough to even support the family all by himself. Willy Ran off with the money so it seems hopeless to try and get it back from him. As Bobo had said, When a man runs off with your money he doesn't leave a road map." All Walter can do is pray for himself and his family. Pray that things will get better and that they will find it in their hearts to forgive him of his dumbness and selfishness. He should just have faith that somehow things will get better. He should also accept that he was wrong this time and that he should've took heed.

  2. Stephanie N Pd 1 and 2 ... Well Walter really really messed up along with his stink selfish ways is what put him into this position. Let's think to get this out the way Walter first needs to atleast find a way to get the money back. If he can't find one solution at all I think that Walter should get things on track with him and his family and work something out.

  3. ashley petrie ... hmm in walters position im not sure if there would be anything for me to say to my family to make them really feel that im sorry.Because of how selfish and inconsiderate to there feelings he was.First off he needs to apologize and some how try to addmit that he was wrong.but reguardless if i new the guy or not i would not have given him all that money i wouldnt even give it to my family besides my moms side of the family because my dads side of the family is selfish and horrible.walters main thing in his brain is that damn LIQUOR STORE!!!!!!! he could of used that money and maybe made up some organization for the youths or the colored people and the whites can reunite or something.he needs to change his ways.to me hes pushing his family away from him a bit

  4. When i put myself in Walter lee shoe, to make amend to my family, i will try my hardest to be the man in the family and support my family fancail. Even though mama give Walter such a huge responsibilitie he didn't take it serious. He was to selfish to persue his dreams and forgot his sister dream of becoming a nurse. And the Mother dream. Some advice i will give Walter is man up and stop acting like a child. Because of his stubtorness and child like behavior he trust a stranger with his dad hard earn money and now EVERY penny is gone. In order for a apology he needs to listen to his family for now on continue with his job and work hard like his dad to make the money again.
    Deorannie Nagamootoo

  5. Jonathan Roman Says ..

    I put myself in Walter's shoes ... and to me i say to myself that there's nothing i can do about losing the money. It already happened and nothings going to change that. Walter has obviously lose all trust from his family due to his actions. It seems like he didn't lose trust from them for losing the money, it seems like he lost all trust for the fact that they told him not to do it. My advice to him is to get a second job and pay for Beneatha's school. And he shouldn't let the incident hold him down forever, that should make him smarter to think twice about putting money in peoples hands knowing he doesn't have it like that.

  6. Putting Myself in Waltors shoes is really hard because i never trusted anyone with my money like he did . Especially with that much .The advice i would give to Waltor is everything happens for a reason . What happened , already happened and we cant change the past . We can only change the future . Waltor has lost all trust his family had in him . For starters , Waltor should try to get two jobs and try to save up . That way , he could at least try to help Beneatha with her school .

  7. In my opinion Walter Lee did to a mistake and was selfish for taking his sisters money and investing ALL of it, but what he did is done and now he has to try and move on from that and try to make everything better. Walter has to gain all that trust that his family once had for him, Sorry isn't the best thing for him to say but show his family his sorry, If i was in Walter's shoes i would work everyday and try to at least give my sister the money that was hers. Also try to stop being selfish and help my family in everything i can. What he did shouldn't hold him back from moving on in life instead he should stand up with his head high and take it like a man.

    If put myself in Walter's shoes, I would try my hardest to prove to everyone that Im truly for the loss of the insurance money. From Walter's pervious actions in the story, he should try to sell the house and buy a bigger apartment because Ruth being pregnant they need to have a place for the baby to sleep. It's not a house and all, but is better then where they're living now. Hopfully nothing else goes wrong, because i my opinion Walter has a mney problem.

  9. Megan Rampersad said,

    If i could give Walter some advice i would tell him that he needs to start showing some respect to everyone in the house. I would also tell him to man up and try to fix the mistake that he made with losing the money. The money meant alot to Mama and the entire family because they all depended on it for there "American Dream". If i was in Walters shoes i would try to work off the money and help to repay Mama. He needs to understand that he is not the only one that has dreams and ambitions.

  10. Well walter messed his life and his family's lifes. The one advice i'd give him is that he needs to work harder. He can't be stuck in the past. Walter needs to move on and change for his family. Walter really messed up this times and he can't cure the damage with just an "im sorry". Walter needs to show his family that he's willing to change and work harder
    By Johann Apreza