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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 6: First Marking Period Reflections

Hello, everyone. Congratulations to you all on making it through the first marking period of the school year. :-)

For this week's blog post, please reflect on your academic performance in this class over the past six weeks. What were your your strengths? In what areas do you need to improve? Taking all of this into account, what grade do you think you deserve for the first marking period? Why?

Your comment will count as your first homework for the second marking period.


  1. Edwin Grullon

    In the first six week I felt as if I could do better in my Reader Responses and my Writer's Sourcebook. My strengths in the class were participating in classroom debates and or discussion, class work, BlogSpot, and homework. The areas that i need imporvment in were my reader response... The grade that “I felt” I deserved was a 90... for the reason that I had done all of my homework, class work, worked hard on the R.R and W.S, and put a lot exertion on answering W.S questions that I wasn't at ease answering, I pay thought, attention and awareness in class, I participate in all classroom activities, and I obtain all of my notes.

  2. Aileen Pelegrin

    my strengths for the first marking period were comprehending the text and stating my opinion. why? well because our class allows us to have open discussions and through out most of them my voice was pretty strong and opinion as well.i need to improve on handing in my homework on time. thats the only thing thats messing me up. i got the grade i deserved.