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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 7: Racial Inequality in the Media

Hi, guys. Sorry that this post is late; I gave the new dog a bath when I got home--and then spent the rest of the night cleaning up the bathroom. LOL

Anyway, this week's blog post focuses on the scene in Chapter 1 of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, where Claudia's hatred of Shirley Temple and the white baby dolls is transferred onto white girls, as a result of her anger over the injustice of being denied the same attention and reverence merely because of the color of her skin. I'd like you to think of similar instances of racial inequality in the media and the economy; in your comment, give an example of how certain racial/ethnic groups are underrepresentated in TV shows/movies or in stores. What kind of message does this send, both to members of that particular race/ethnicity and to others?

Your response will count as a homework assignment for the second marking period.

Have a happy--and safe--Halloween tomorrow!! :-)


  1. This sends a bad message to colored people because it makes them feel like they are nothing just because of how they were born. Disney didnt have its first african american princess until 2010, that is to show how misrepresented we are in this world. Race/ethnicity is a big factor in the american media, if you are born white you would be born with a silver spoon in their mouth whereas and african american would have to work and strive for what they want in life. Being "black" is far more difficult than being white or latino/spanish decent because some latinos are very light skinned they would pass for white, but the black people are just black.

  2. Okay so i will stick with Akeeba theme because i thought it was easier. So when i was younger i was watching a "That so Raven" episode. That episode was so hurtful and injustice in many ways. This is what happen, Raven and Chelsie was applying for the same job in the same store. There job was to be a sale person in the store. To apply for the job the boss set up a interview for both of them at the same time. The boss was a Latino lady i think. The interviewed started as the same old fashion way, with some questions. The lady interview Chelsie first and She gave the dumbest answer that a 3 year old wouldn't give. On the other hand Raven gave decent answers. Then the second part of the interview was for them to pack the clothes neatly and percilcly on the shelf. Chelsie Shelf was terrible while Raven shelf is what the lady was looking for. Raven knew hands down that she will get the job, but sadly the Boss called Chelsie and tild hre that she had the Job and Raven didn't. Raven knew for sure that she did better than Chelsie but she let it go. Then she had a VISION that the boss was telling Chelsie that the only reason you got this job is because you are white. OMG Raven got so mad and wanted to bust that lady of what she did. So long story short at the end they bust the lady of her racism and raven made a difference in her society.
    Deorannie Nagamootoo

  3. Megan Rampersad said,

    In society white people are represented more than any other race as i see it. When you look at the shows that younger kids watch these days like Disney Channel or Nickelodeon most of the shows have white kids acting and like one or two black kids acting. Also in movies like disney princesses movies like Akeeba said they only have one black princess, but the majority of the princesses or white. I think that this can create and image for younger kids and people that white people are better and more good looking, which isnt true. I understand why Claudia might be upset with looking at Shirley Temple or the baby doll becasue she feels like they are pretty and that having blues eye and blonde hair makes you pretty and thats what is being portrayed to her. And her not having the blue eyes and blonde hair would make her feel like she isnt beautiful.

  4. ♥♥ Shamarie Williams ♥♥November 2, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    Similar instances of racial inequality in the media are reflected in the t.v show called "Everybody Hates Chris". In this show, an African American boy gets ridiculed everyday. Sometimes his family receives these kinds of treatment too, but he gets it the worse. He goes to a school where he is the only Black kid. The kids at the school always pick on him. He gets beat down and embarrassed everyday. Two of the people who ridicules Chris the most is a student, Carusso, who beats on him everyday ; and the teacher, who always tries to make it look like all black people are poor and stupid. She always thinks the worst of them. The kind of messages that this sends out, especially to people who doesn't know any better; is that black people are very low and unfortunate in too many areas. It will make Black people think they are nothing and it will make the other race (in this case: White)think they are better. When truth be told, we are equal. We are all humans, born on the same earth.

  5. Hey, in my mind Akeeba's right, I remember watching tv with my family and my dad always gets worked up when he saw an unequal number of black or color people then white people. As a person of color would like to see more color men and women on the big screen or "steal the show " so to speak. "Back in the day when the people were fresh" as my mom says, there was only one channel for black men and women and that was "Soul Train" in the 1970's. I also remember when me and my mom watched HAIRSPARY and how black people were on the "Corny Collins Show" only one day a month. That proves that there is racial inequality in the media.

  6. There is so much racial unequality now a days , its so crazy ! Mostly in every show , store , and even school . In shows like ' Jersey Shore ' every person in that show is Italian ! So what does that say ? In high schools , very close to mine , Minorities are seperated . Not by demand , but by choice . Blacks stick to Blacks and Hispanics stick to Hispanics . This sends the entirely WRONG message . Basiclly all this is doig is encouraging it and thats not cool at all . I am a PuertoRican girl and i get along with blacks , other hispanics and plenty of other races . We have no problems and we are all friends . I dont understand why people must be so ignorant and feel as if theyre better then anyone . Meanwhile Hispanics , and blacks live in the same Building , projects , block , and or borough so why not get along ?

  7. This sends a message to colored people and make them feel like their not as good as the white people.I still remember an epsoide oof a show called Thats So Raven,were she and her bestfriend went to go apply for jobs and raven was doing better in selling stuff than her friend chelsey and chelesy got the job because of her color.To me this sends a message to color people saying how they may or may not get the job because of the color of their skin.

    Annalysa cole