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Friday, October 8, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 4: Walter's Mistake

Hi, guys. I hope that you all are enjoying the long Columbus Day weekend!! :-)

Over the past week, we've read about how Walter was cheated out of the insurance money by Willy Harris, a man whom he thought was a friend. We have seen how, through his selfishness and shortsightedness, he has destroyed not only his own "American Dream," but the dreams of his sister and mother, as well.

Again I'm asking you to put yourself in Walter's shoes. Obviously, he won't be able to recover the money; Willy Harris has disappeared. So, give Walter some advice about what he needs to do in order to apologize, and to begin to make things up to his family.

This will count as a homework assignment for the first marking period.


  1. Aileen Pelegrin

    the way to apologize would be to recognize his mistakes own up to it and admit he was wrong. the next step will be to get a job and save much as much as he can to at least pay for his sister school.

  2. john rivera he should get a job and relize its just money he could save up more and he could put his and her dream on hold