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Friday, October 1, 2010

Period 8, Post 3: Vengeance vs. Justice

Hey, everybody. This week, I'd like to continue with our exploration of the theme of "vengeance vs. justice" in The Lovely Bones.

We've seen Susie attempt to move from a position of weakness (a victim) to one of power (the huntress), as she tries to guide her father to those clues that would implicate Mr. Harvey in her murder. But we start to see that her motivation is not totally selfless, but vengeful as well.

What is the difference between vengeance and justice? Why does our society advocate (encourage) justice, rather vengeance? Give one example from the text that shows how Susie wants justice for herself and the other victims. Give one example showing how Susie wants vengeance against Mr. Harvey. And finally, what do you think should happen to Mr. Harvey?


  1. From:Zaimar Eusebio

    The difference between vengeance and justice is that vengeance is another word for revenge and justice is part of the law. Our society encourage justice instead of vengeance because what ever you do to get revenge you going to get introuble by the law which is juistice i think. One example from the the text that shows how Susie wants justice for herself and other victim is because when Mr.Harvey spoke about his wife to Susie's mother he had said her name was sophie and now he speaks to Len and he tells her that her name was Leah so Susie feels that those could be victim and girls he murder so she tries tp give her father clues. Another example of how Susie wants revenge is because he murder her and then he conversate with her parents like if everything is good. I think that when they find out that he did it that they put him in jail for the rest of his life.

  2. From: juan arango
    period: 8

    the difference between Justice and vengeance is that , justice usually comes in the flavor: To help the common good and ensure that this doesn't happen again.
    Vengeance has a flavor of: You did this and hurt me, now I'm hurting you right back.
    i think our society society encourage justice isntead of revenge, becase when you fixt problem by justice , everything can be good , but if you do it by revenge , you can end up in jail.
    a example from the text , show that sussie try to give her father clue of what mr harvey has say to her mother , because he say his wife name was sophie and then he say his wife name was leah, so she think those person , maybe be an victin .
    sussie want revenge , because he kill her , and he tried to make everyhting look good
    i think they should send mr harvey to jail and give him the death penal . for killing an inocent soul

  3. FROM: jesus dorantes

    I think there is no difference between vengeance and justice because justice is a vangance but justice is a vangance approved bya the society a example from the text is whenMr.Harvey spoke about his wife to Susie's mother he had said her name was sophie but after Mr. Harvey said the police officer that his wife's name is leah so when susie swa that, she thought this woman could be another victim and she feels so angry and she wnats vengance but Mr. harvey will get punish by the vengance of justice