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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 5: Walter's Redemption

Hi, guys!! I'm sorry that I'm late with this; I'd planned on posting this before leaving for my cousin's wedding on Friday, but time got away from me, and yesterday was crazy-busy, too.

Anyway, as we're finishing up A Raisin in the Sun, we see Walter mature in the story's resolution. Even though he's been a grown man for the story's duration, this still is his "coming-of age" story. What I want to ask you is, how does Walter finally "grow up" while talking with Mr. Lindner? Has he truly earned his family's forgiveness?

This will count as the last homework for the first marking period.


  1. He knows that he had to grow up. He lost all the money of his family. The way he talked to Mr. Linder shows you how walter feels. It shows that he want to change for his family. If yu ask me, i dont know if he earned the forgiveness from his family. Walter did alot of mistakes, and i know he regrets them. If he truly changes, he might get his family trust again.
    by Johann Apreza

  2. WELL .. Walter did wrong once and he noticed he had to fix what he did and make his family trust him again. When Walter spoke to Mr. Linder he really opened up and you could notice in his way of talking that he was really sorry, and that he is willing to change for his family. In my point of view Walter is gaining all that trust again but it takes time little by little his family will trust him like they did once.

  3. How Walter has grown up is when he was talking to Mr.Linder he began to take pride in himself,and his family,by proving that the family has worked hard from generations to generations, and not gunna let their money run them away fom living in that neighboorhood.Yes Walter truely did earn his family forgiveness


  4. Walter finally grows up in the end while talking to Linder because he was in front of Travis, he did this to show Travis and everyone that he's a man just like his father was. At the end Mama told Ruth that he finally became the man that everyone wanted him to be, so in my mind it seems that Mama, Ruth and Travis forgives him for losing the insurance money. To me Beneatha is the only one that dont show that she forgive him, he lose her money for school so that is going to take some time to forgive him, so until than she dreams on hold. Jasmin Steele :)

  5. ♥♥ Shamarie Williams ♥♥October 19, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    Walter finally "grew up" while talking to Mr. Lindner because during the conversation he realized how much pride his family had and the shame it would bring to them if he had accepted Mr. Lindner's money. He started realizing his mistakes and the pain he has caused his family. Accepting the money would be a way of Walter saying he believes that him and his family aren't good enough to live in Clybourne Park so he's getting paid not to. That would sadden the hearts of his family even more. I really think he earned his family's forgiveness. Atleast for once he wasn't being all selfish. He wanted to take the money but he realized that not respecting his family's wishes at first was what got him into this mess. He thought about his family's needs and wants this time, not only what he wanted.

  6. Waltor is in his " coming of age " stage . While speaking to Mr.Linder , he does take a big step and actually talking about oter things then himself . He wasnt trying to be something he wasnt. He is showing that he is deeply sorry , but then again , he has a reason to be . In my opinion , he did well but he souldnt gain the familys trust automaticlly. He really messed up . Truthfully , Waltor is supposed to stick up for his family and appreciate them and know what he has . Thats what a real man does . All this time he was saying he was the ' man ' of the house . Now it's time for him to actually become one .

  7. In Walters "Coming of age" stage is when he starts to hit maturity nott just physical but mental and intellectually,he learned to think of someone else than himself.Water Lee learned to think of his entire family and that its not all about being rich like the white folks. So he ended up making his mother proud of him and boosting his sisters confidence, because Walter would always be the one who trie to put everyone down. Walter didnt want his son to turn out like they did depending on his father death money so that why he told his son to try and be better. In the end i think he truly earn his families forgiveness with what he had said to Mr.Lindner cause he didnt try to make it all about himself.