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Friday, October 8, 2010

Period 8, Post 4: Growing Apart

Hey, everybody. I hope that everyone is enjoying the long Columbus Day weekend!! :-)

Over the past week, we've seen Lindsey and Buckley begin to rediscover happiness, and a sense of normality, since Susie's death. Lindsey has "come alive" through the love and support of Samuel Heckler; Buckley is the only one who can happily remember the good times with Susie. Their parents aren't so lucky; they have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with their grief, and are drifting apart, seeking comfort with other people.

Why are the Salmon children handling their grief better than their parents? Why are the parents finding it difficult to comfort each other? What can they do to become closer again?

This will count as a homework assignment for the first marking period.

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