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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Period 8, Post 6: First Marking Period Reflections

Hello, all!! Congratulations on making it through the first marking period of the school year. :-)

For this week's blog post, please reflect on your academic performance in this class over the past six weeks. What were your your strengths? In what areas do you need to improve? Taking all of this into account, what grade do you think you deserve for the first marking period? Why?

Your comment will count as your first homework for the second marking period.


  1. hi!!
    sorry for be late
    my strengths are few but the biggest is to think i know you will say thah how it is my strenght if dont talk enouf in class but my weakness is my speaking part and this is the area that i need to improve
    my grade: im not satificed with my grade but i belive that it is what i deserve

  2. Juan arango

    hii , my strenth in this class is that i participe a lot and i do my work ,i need to improve my spelling and my speaking,. i'm very satiffice with the grade that i have , because i think i deservd it