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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Periods 1 & 2, Post 1: What Makes a Hero?

Hi, guys!! Welcome to a new semester of blogging.

So far, in Persepolis this marking period, we've seen Marji battle her preconceived notions of the makings of a hero, with respect to both her family and her friends' families. Therefore, I want you to examine your own preconceptions about heroism, and how they've changed as you've grown older. When you were little, who were your childhood heroes? Who are your heroes today? Why? How have your ideas about heroism changed over the years?

Your comments on this blog post will count as a homework assignment for the first marking period of the spring semester.


  1. When I was little i guess my childhood hero was superman,spiderman etc. like basically the typical super heros you would see on t.v. My heros today is actually my mom,dad,and sister because they actually saved me in differents ways that superman and spider man couldnt do for example if I needed any help and advice they will always be there to help me out.

    -Akira Hamilton

  2. To me, what makes a hero is when a average person goes out of their way to help another person who is in need. When I was younger, my childhood hero was and still is my mom because she can do anythng and everything that you can think of for her family. My mom always look out for me espically when times are hard or tuff because I know that she loves me and not just because I'm her daughter.
    JASMIN :)

  3. Megan Rampersad,

    When i was younger i loved powerpuff girls and i thought that they were heroes. I knew that when i was younger a hero was someone who protected someone from danger and saved them from someone that was evil. As i got older i started to learn that a hero was someone that you looked up too and even thouht they didnt have superpowers they can still be a hero by the good deeds that they do. I consider my parents as heroes because the always help others in need and donate to people that are less fortunate.

  4. To me a hero is someone who does good deeds to others. As a child growing up my hero and still is, is my parents. I say so because they will do anything to protect their family. They conquer all obstacle even though they struggle to achieve it. Getting older my definition of hero didn't change i still believe my parents are the best hero ever.

    Deorannie Nagamootoo

  5. I think a hero who is there for someone even to rescue little things can make someone a hero religiously anyway.In some way a very good helpful deed for someone else is being a hero even risking your own life.

  6. Growing up my childhood hero was the powerpuff girls. I always thought how cool it was to fly and save the world. But as i grew older i realized i have 3 hero's; my mother, father , & grandfather.

  7. Growing up , my childhood hero was always my father . As i grew up , both my father and my mother are both my hero's . I think what my mother has accomplished and does is just plain amazing . I don't know anyone else who could've went through what she did and still be standing strong the way she is now . My Father is more like my angel though . My thought's never really changed but they got a little more intense in the way i started to dig deeper into why i choose these people as me hero's .

  8. Well when i was little my hero was the blind guy from the movie "dare devil".
    As i got older my mind kept changing. Now that i start thinking my real hero is and will be my grandma. She did a lot of things for me. Even thou we didn't share the same blood she still love me with all her heart. She made me who i am now. My second hero would be my mom. We struggle a lot in the past. My mother has fallen 3 times and she keepa getting up. I have a lot of love and respect for her. Those are my two heros the mean a lot in my life today and yesterday.
    Johann Apreza

  9. In my eyes , a hero is a person that will always be there with you thru thick and thin . Who will do anything too protect you . When I was younger I really didn't like dolls or cartoons but barney lmao . But I just saw barney like a teacher for me to learn from, my parents always actually were my hero and till this day still are. My parents been thru a lot and its just amazing how they got to accomplish a lot in life. I would love too be like my parent but even way bettter if that's possible .