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Friday, February 18, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 3: Black Leaders throughout American History

Hi, everyone. Because February is Black History Month, I would like for this week's blog post to concentrate on those African-American leaders who helped to shape this country into what it is today.

In your comment, choose an African-American man or woman who was influential in shaping the culture of this country in one of the following ways, from the American revolution until the present day: politics, science, art/music, literature, or sports. In five sentences, give this person's biographical information, including birth date, the place where he/she lived, date of death (if applicable) and any other interesting information about his/her background. Then, use at least five sentences to explain this individual's contribution to American society; explain what he/she did, and why it's significant to American history.

Your comment will count as a homework assignment for this marking period.

Have an enjoyable--and safe--winter break.


  1. John Rivera One african american leader was rosa park. Rosa Park was born in tuskegee,Alabama.On february 4 1913. Rosa had a incindent on the bus because the bus driver told her to give up her seat. she refused and the bus driver got her areested for not giving up her seat

  2. One african american leader was Martin Luther King Jr. He was born in Altanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929. He showed us blacks and whites should be together. That we are equal.

    ~Tayanna Rose

  3. Keanu McFarlane

    Martin Luther King Jr. was influential in shaping the culture of this country. He wanted to make a change. He wanted people to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by his personality. Martin Luther King Jr made one of the best speeches ever. He just wanted peace & thats what he did, MADE PEACE.

  4. Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) A.K.A MJ help change the game of basketball born Brooklyn, New York where he first started to play basketball. MJ noved to North Carlina with his family. MJs finish his NBA career with six NBA Finals in fourteen NBA All-Star Game.
    Thomas The Daddy Joseph

  5. Edwin Grullon

    Daniel Louis Armstrong
    (August 4, 1901 - July 6, 1971)
    was a great jazz trumpet player, composer, and singer. He was nicknamed Satchmo because some people said that his mouth was like a satchel. Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and soon became a well-known cornet player in clubs and on riverboats along the Mississippi River. He became world famous for his incredible musical talent, especially his improvised solos. Armstrong also sang "scat," a style in which nonsense words are used in a song. Armstrong was featured in many recordings, television shows, and movies.