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Friday, February 11, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 2: The Pros and Cons of Technology

Hi, everyone!! What an exciting day!! We've witnessed the Eyptians' successful revolution to overthrow former President Mubarak, and technology played a huge role in the outcome. Technology played a significan role in the downfall of the Shah in Iran, as depicted by Marjane Satrapi in her memoir, Persepolis.

Think about the role of technology in your own lives. What are its benefits and drawbacks? What has technology made easier for you, or helped you to do better? What has become harder because of technology? Explain your answers.

Your comments will count as a homework assignment grade for the marking period.


  1. john rivera technology has made evrything easy and harder at the same time.it has made simple things easy but then u forget how to do it with out it. for example if you use a machine can opener more than regulary you can forget how to open it manulay.

  2. Edwin Grullon

    Tech = Salvation, Bliss

    Technological innovation is critical to our nation for many reasons. First and foremost, technology fuels sustainable economic expansion creating high wage jobs, world-class exports, and driving productivity and growth so critical to our long term global competitiveness. Innovations also improve our quality of LIFE!!! from new drugs and cures that help people live longer and healthier lives, to agricultural advances that permit more plentiful harvests with less herbicides and pesticides. Advances in technology are vital to our efforts to protect our homeland, hardening our infrastructure, detecting dangers, and empowering our defenders. Energy innovations are the key to meeting our future power needs while protecting our environment, and technology holds extraordinary promise for the future of education. By exporting our technology around the world we help improve the standard of living of the other 6 billion people on the planet. People should decentralize innovative ideas so technology can reach its peak!!

  3. Computers helps us find things faster and made everything easy for us. But in the process we also start to forget the simple things in life.

    ~Tayanna Rose

  4. Keanu McFarlane

    Alot of children use technology for communication, online shopping & school work. Well that's what I use it for. Personally, I think that technology is the best thing that happened to us because we learn alot from the internet. Like recently, I've learned that the USA originally had 7 presidents before the the ratification of the Constitution & the very first president was an African American man named John Hanson.

  5. Keanu, the John Hanson who was elected the first president of the Continental Congress was a white European, either of Swedish or of English descent. He was elected in the late 18th century. The John Hanson of African descent was actually a Liberian senator 70 years later, during the mid-18th century.