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Friday, November 12, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 9: The Meaning of the Title of "The Bluest Eye"

Hey, everybody!! We've almost made it to Thanksgiving break--just a week and a half of classes, and midterm exams, to go!!

This week we've had an introduction to Pecola's unhappy family life in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, and read how she believes that having blue eyes would change the people around her for the better, making them nicer to her and making her life happier. What does having blue eyes mean for her? Can she ever achieve her dream? What do you think will happen to her as a result?

Your comments will count as a homework for the second marking period.


  1. by john rivera The meaning to have blue eyes for her is so she can be accepted by friends and family. Also she wants someone to love her. No she can not acheive her dream. As a result she will go insane.

  2. ____Edwin Grullon____

    The title refers to the desire of the central character, an African American girl named Pecola, to have the bluest eyes in the world. Of course blue eyes commonly occur in Caucasians...

  3. Keanu McFarlane
    The title "The Bluest Eye" is basically referring to Pecola. An african american girl, who got raped, and once believed she had blue eyes.. O_o