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Friday, November 19, 2010

Period 8, Post 10:

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, we're still deep in the middle of the semester; don't stop working now!!

This week, we talked about how, in The Lovely Bones, characters have used Susie's picture to say goodbye to her, as they begin to move into the acceptance stage of grief. Using the text and your notes, discuss one of the three instances from the book. Explain its importance for the character, and to the story. How does saying goodbye allow this character to move forward with his/her life?

Your comment for this week's post will count as a homework assignment for the second marking period.

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  1. Leslie Molina
    One of the three instance from the book was when Susie's mom left Susie's picture on the tree. That help her to move on with her life because she when back to the house with her family and she was trying to not lie to her family again and she wanted to be a family again