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Friday, November 5, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 8: Neglected Pecola

Hello, guys. I hope you all had a nice week. Certainly, it was a much calmer one, after the craziness of the past two!!

This week, in class, we've focused on the addition of Pecola, a foster child, to Claudia's and Frieda's family. For this week's blog post, I'd like you to practice inferencing by focusing on Pecola's final line of the chapter: "How do you get someone to love you?" Using the context of the line (the scene in which it appears), what do you think this line means? Give two (2) textual examples from what we've read so far to support your answer.

Your response will count as a homework assignment for the second marking period.


  1. When Pecola said, "How do you get someone to love you?" I think that Pecola just wants to be loved, and not by just anyone;but by her family most importantly. If her father really loved her then he wouldn't of raped her but instead protect her from anything that she's afraid of, like when she might have a bad dream or gets a cut on her arm. Her mother as well, since her father got arrested there was no reason why her mother couldn't take care of her like a mother should. In the book, when they descrided where the Breedlove's lived, Mrs.breedlove was yelling at cholly because it was to cold in the apartment for people to live, her love for her daughter right there in Pecola's mind wasn't enough to know wheither or not if she was loved by her. Her brother too, in the book, was Pecola was tired of living there she always wished that she could run away from the whole family. The book said that sammy ran away somewhere for 3 months and when Pecola wanted in; sammy always said no, because in my mind he don't want to be responsilbe for her if anything happened to her.
    Jasmin :)

  2. Megan Rampersad said,

    I think that Pecola has never really been cared or loved for by anyone which is why she asked that question. Judging by the actions of her father, you can tell that he didnt really love her. I think that this is why she might have asked that question, its because she doesnt know what love is or what it is like to be loved or love someone.

  3. Stephanie Nazaire - Well I feel that Pecola now going through her period and maturing being told that now she can have babies bought that topic up. What's love doesn't look like she seen that a lot her family and her thought of themselves as ugly and her parents usually fought like cats and dogs. So what example or good self esteem is set for Pecola? Their isn't any that's why she doesn't know what love is ! .

  4. i think this line means that she never been loved so she may not knoe what loves means how how to give or get love.

    annalysa cole

  5. I think it means that shes never felt loved in her life and she has self esteem issue. I have a text to world connection, because in this time in the world many young teenager are struggling with insecurity issues and body-dis-morphic disorder.I make a text to text connection i read a similar book to this and the protagonist felt like she wasn't being loved, so she had to sleep around with guys in her school.

  6. Basically ii Thiink Pecola Wants Tu Bee Loved Nd Jus Have That Feeling That Someone Cares Or Even Gives A S*** About Her . She Doesnt Have Any Love At Home So Probably Shes Trying Tu Find It Somewhere Else . As Shee Said "How Do You Get Domeone To Live You " . Shes Just Trying To Find Out Because She Doesnt Know Or Has A Clue .

  7. This statement or rather question , that Pecola had said , doesnt really suprise me . The reason i say this is because Pecola has been through a lot of things . From her father raping her , to her mother being in jail , where does the love start ? Pecola doesnt know what a parents love feels like . Even a friends . You can tell she has never recieved this kind of love and is seeking to feel what it feels like .

  8. The statement that Pacola said was not only what she thought but how she felt, Pacola life wasn't something i would want. She doesn't have any type of love from her parents nor friends. From her mom being in jail and her father raping her isn't something so easy to forget. Pacolas life isn't what she expect and not having love makes her feel half dead.

  9. What Pecola said i think it reflects to what she doesnt really have so she doesnt know what love really is and she doesnt know hows it shown based on what happened in her life. So love may seem impossible for her

    AKIRA Hamilton