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Friday, November 12, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 9: The Meaning of the Title of "The Bluest Eye"

Hi, guys!! We've almost made it to Thanksgiving break--just a week and a half of classes, and midterm exams, to go!!

This week we've had an introduction to Pecola's unhappy family life in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, and read how she believes that having blue eyes would change the people around her for the better, making them nicer to her and making her life happier. What does having blue eyes mean for her? Can she ever achieve her dream? What do you think will happen to her as a result?

Your comments will count as a homework for the second marking period.


  1. To Pecola, having blue eyes means the world. In the book Toni told us that Pecola prayed to God for blue eyes for a whole year. She believes that's why her parents, fellow classmates and teachers traet her poorly. She might even give a arm and a leg for those pretty blue eyes that you see in the story books. In my mind she couldn't unless she undergo surgey and back in the 1940's. Im not really sure what Pecola's results would be but she would look a little werid if see had blue eyes with her skin complexsion.
    Jasmin S. (:

  2. Stephanie Nazaire ) I don't think Pecola will reach far thinking thee way she thinks bee being what u CAN'T be is bad for your esteem You was put on this earth to love you for yourself who you are not being or wanting to be someone else. If that was the case god would've created Pecola with blue eyes and white skin. Which he didn't lol so I think Pecola is going to need to get her act together If not than I don't know.

  3. Megan Rampersad said,

    In the book they talk about how having blue eyes and blonde hair makes you pretty. In the book the doll that one of the girls had got had blonde hair and blue eyes, which made her think that thats what makes a girl pretty. Blue eyes mean to Pecola that you are pretty and more people would like you for havning them. Pecola wants to have blue eyes and change the way that she is and looks because the way she looks is considered ugly, which isnt true. I think that she would realize that she is beautiful the way she is and havinig a different skin tone or eye color makes your pretty.

  4. Jonathan R. Said,

    Blue eyes means everything to Pecola, she thinks it would change her life, it's all just in her head. Having blue eyes will give her the confidence to do anything she wants but she needs to come to reality and see that anything is possible. I don't think she will achieve her dream and Pecola having blue eyes doesn't look like a good look. And if she does get blue eyes, i think it would attract a lot of attention, but she would be ugly to me.

  5. Pecola Having blue eyes her dream will never come through. I Think she will be real sad and upset will still feel insecure or maybe she will overcome it and realize that its not all about having blue eyes. Even if she has blue eye she still will be black/African american.

  6. Having Blue eyes , to Pecola is everything . She thinks it will make people treat better and i guess admire her . What she doesnt understand is that people shouldnt treat you diffrent because of the way they look . Someone shouldve explained to her that women are beautiful in every form . To be honest , i do not think she can have acheived this goal . Your eyes are your eyes for the rest of your life . Back in those days , i dont think that there were any contacts but that in my opinion is the only way she couldve changed er eye color , and even at that , it was not have been permanent . As a result , if this was really to ever come true , which i highly doubt , she probably would ave more confidence and end up being stuck-up . She has to think , okay what if she does have blue eyes now ? people are still going to look at you diffrent because you are an african american women .

  7. To pecola having blue eyes means beauty. If pecola had blue eyes this will make her feel Pretty and Not an outcase.She wouldnt get tease in school and around her.

  8. To Pecola, having blue eyes is EVERYTHING. In her eyes people dont love her because she doesnt have pretty eyes and because shes not pretty. She feels unloved, unwanted, just because she isnt what people expect her to be ( PRETTY ). In Pecolas eyes having blue eyes is beauty but little does she know that her dream would never ever come true, because god makes you a specific way and not one is perfect.

  9. I think having blue eyes for Pecola means that people would look at her and treat her totally different than they do now and be nice to her. I dont think she is going to achieve her dream beacause she was not born with blue eyes and can not change that. I think as a result that people would still treat her the same because she is still an nigger to the other people in their eyes and that changing the color of your eyes doesn't mean anything.

    Annalysa cole