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Friday, January 7, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 16: Memoir vs. Autobiography

Hi, guys. Great job on your mock-trials for The Bluest Eye!! It was great to see you all so involved. We've made it through our first week back from vacation--no small feat, in my opinion!! ;-)

This week, we've started reading Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. For this week's post, I would like you to tell me what the definition of a memoir is, and how it differs from that of an autobiography. Then, tell me what topic you have chosen for your unit projects, your personal memoirs.

Your comments will count as a homework assignment for the third marking period of the semester.


  1. a memior is a story or and incident or period of time in your life. an autobiography is the story of your life that you are writing

  2. Edwin Grullon

    Memoir is a autobiography about the author's personal experiences.

  3. the diffrence is that a memior is an account of the author's personal experiences & autobiography is a story about the author's life- ignely

  4. the defenition of a memoir is a small memory in which you remeber and then enlarge and focus on the details of the event. this differs from an autobiography because an autobiography is a whole lifetime filled with facts a memoir is just one small moment. i'm not quite sure what my topic for my personal memoir is because i have a lot of memories. aileen pelegrin

  5. Keanu McFarlane
    A memoir is a piece of autobiographical writing. The difference between a memoir and an autobiography is that an autobiography tells more about your life.

  6. A memoir is when a author tells a specifc memory of his life. Where an autobiography is when the person tells about thier whole life.

    ~Tayanna Rose