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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Periods 1 & 2, Post 16: Memoir vs. Autobiography

Hey, everyone. You did well on your mock-trial for The Bluest Eye; it was great to see how "into it" everyone was. :-) We've made it through our first week back from vacation--no small feat, in my opinion!! ;-)

This week, we've started reading Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. For this week's post, I would like you to tell me what the definition of a memoir is, and how it differs from that of an autobiography. Then, tell me what topic you have chosen for your unit projects, your personal memoirs.

Your comments will count as a homework assignment for the third marking period of the semester.


  1. Megan Rampersad,
    The definition of a memoir is when you write about a specific memory in your life. In a memoir you only speak about that memory and nothing else. In a autobiography you write about your life which could include some improtant things that has happened to you so far and could even include your goals for te future. They both differ because a memoir is one memory and a autobiography has to do with you life and a couply memories. For my project i have not chosen which topic i would like to write about, im very confused on which one is a good topic to engage my reader in.

  2. A Memoir is based on something you written yourself!.Based on past memories of your life past future doesn't matter. It happened in your life. A autobiography is someone else writing about YOUR life so its not so as realistic as you being there yourself. Which is more memoir.

  3. Well a memoir is when you write something that happened in your life. It could be good, bad, whatever moments that a person remembers, that's a memoir. In a autobiogrphy you write important things about yourself. Everything that has to do with achievements and future goals. For my project i chosen to write about when i got here in the United states. I made a promise to do a second part of my memoir from freshman year. The last title of my memoir was " Going back to my roots". My new title for this new memoir is going to be " From my roots to the unknown"
    Johann Apreza

  4. A memoir is basically something that you have written yourself. A memoir is base on your life. It could a bad moment or something excited in your life. It's always base on one specific story. An autobiography is a goal or dream you have achieved so far in life. It's more detailed and more information added to it. For my project i have no idea what i am doing but maybe after hearing my fellow classmates ideas i will get inspired.

    Deorannie Nagamoootoo

  5. Well a memoir is a specific memory in full details or a trun point in the person's life. An autobiography is about the author's life in simple details and starts from the person's birth up until now. I think im going to write about the time when I lost an important item or the phone call that changed my life.

  6. The definition of a memoir is based on a memory you have from the past. an autobiography is about somebody elses life starts from birth until death if they have died or for those alive til present. For my memoir ill probably write about the time my mom told me "if i die " story .

  7. The differents between a memoir and a autobiography is that a memoir is write about a certain time in your life while a autobiography you tell everything about your life and little details and what think as well. One example of my memory I was crazy for thinking of something I was on supernatural, I think first 10 episodes one about mirror i was avioding mirror for year after that episode.

  8. An auto biography is about your entire life and a memoir is about a memory that happend in your life. My memoir is going to be about the death of my aunt who died from cancer And how I dealt with this situation
    Akeeba Johnson

  9. A memoir is base on your life, wether its a good or bad memory . And a autobiogrphy is when you write important things about yourself .