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Friday, December 11, 2009

Period 5: Post 2: Amir the Kite Runner

Hey, everybody!

Please comment on the ending of the Kite Runner, and discuss the significance of Amir’s use of the line: “For you, a thousand times over.”

Please include the following:
  • An opinion regarding the line’s significance
  • At least three specific textual examples
  • Complete sentences
  • Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Your name

Have a great weekend!


  1. The ending of the Kite Runner was a flashback to Amir’s life The ending was fun to read. The line “For you, a thousand times over.” Is important because in 1975 when Hassan and Amir won the kite tournament in Kabul. This was the last part that you saw them close to each other as brothers and friends . Now years pasted Amir cuts the kite and Shorab asks "Do you want me to run that kite for you?" I thought I saw him nod. "For you a thousand times over, " I heard myself say. Then I turned and ran. This scene is important because Amir's life has now come full circle. Amir is now running the kite, not just for Sohrab, but for Hassan, and for himself . Amir ran the kite for his sins and a new life. Also Amir wanted to go back to his childhood for a few sceonds so he could be free. The Kite runner in the beginning was Hassan now it was Amir.

  2. Hello Ms Cramer! I could say that I agree with my friend Khmran here. We all know that Amir went through a hard life as a child. He has lived with so much guilt and redemption and the lack of love he recieved as well made him the kid he was years ago. He did fly the kite for himself, for Sohrab and most important his half brother whose name is Hassan to feel liberated for the things he has done including the forgiveness of other people such as Baba.

  3. The ending of Kite Runner was nice,Amir finally has Hassan's son Shorab.''For you a thousand times over'' is a flash back from the begining Hassan was the kite runner, he also though Amir how to win the kite race and at the end Amir was the kite runner and he told Shorab about what his Dad thought him that is how to win the kite race. by Nana Akua