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Friday, December 4, 2009

Period 5, Post #1: Amir's Redemption

Hey, guys!! Welcome to our inaugural posting!! I hope that this is an enjoyable experience for us all. :-)

I'd like for us to continue our discussion on Amir's redemption in The Kite Runner. Amir has begun to atone for his sins through his search for Sohrab and his confontation with Assef. But his journey is not yet over. Will he ever truly be able to redeem himself, for what he has done to Hassan?

In order to receive credit, your assignment must include:

  1. What does it mean, when you say that you are sorry for what you have done?
  2. What does it mean, to forgive someone? What does it mean, to receive forgiveness?
  3. Why is forgiveness important? Do you forgive for the benefit of the receiver, or for yourself? Explain.
  4. Are there certain things for which you can never atone? Why/why not? If so, what things? If you cannot be forgiven, then are you "doomed"? Explain.


  1. yes i think he can because he never stood up for himself before and right now he is trying to do good or say how sorry he is to hassan by saving sohrab from assef and he doesn't care if he lose his life or how much pains or suffering he goes through.because of what he did to hassan his life is in a mess an he can even have a child of his own.and the only way he can be forgiving by hassan is to save sohrab, he is even lucky to get a chance to be good again some people never had the chance to be forgiving which sometimes haunt them wherever they go. by nana akua

  2. Hi Ms Cramer! It's Viviana Sanchez from pd 5. I think when I say I'm sorry for what I have done it means that I know and admit that I've done something wrong.
    I think to forgive someone means to let go of the conflict that I had between the other person and me. I let go of the anger that I had inside of me. To recieve forgiveness means that the other person is well aware that I had recognized my error, and through compassion and human well being they have the power to a peaceful forgiveness. Forgiveness is important because in order to be a good human someone must forgive in order to be internally at peace with yourself and other people. I forgive for the benefit for me and the other person because we'll both won't hold no hateful grudges. I could say that their are certain things that someone can't atone for. Such as a friend's betrayal or a boyfriend's infedility,death of a friend or family member or even a parent's abandonment or abuse. If I can't forgive then oh well. Life needs to go on. To me forgiveness could be a choice. There will be people that cannot forgive. As long I forgive myself. I'd say I'm o.k then

  3. What it means to say that you’re sorry it means you realized your mistake and you’re trying to fix it. It also means that you are asking your forgiveness from the person. If you forgive someone you’re giving them a second chance. When you receive forgiveness you’re trying to get a positive answer from the person you’re asking forgiveness to. You are trying to get another chance from the person. Forgiveness is important because you can go on in life and always remember what you did wrong. You can also learn from your mistake which will help you in the future. I benefit from all aspects of forgiveness. I don’t really like saying sorry because if I do the same thing over there’s no point in saying it. I don’t think if you not forgiven you’re not doomed. It depends on the person and how they view themselves and forgiveness. It is just a saying that makes you to forgive so you don’t feel guilty.