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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Period 5: Blanche's Sexuality as Power

Hey, all!! I hope you're enjoying your time off. :-) Of course, the break wouldn't be complete without a blog assignment from me. It'll be due when we get back, on Monday, January 4th.

I'd like you to talk about why Blanche flirts with both Stanley and Mitch, why she feels the need to "seduce" these men. What does she get from this? What kind of power does she think this gives her? What does it give her in actuality?

In order to receive credit, please include the following:
  • Your opinion regarding Blanche's flirtation as a means of manipulating men.
  • At least three specific textual examples of Blanche's attempts at seduction
  • Complete sentences
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Your name
Happy New Year!!

1 comment:

  1. Blanche flirts with both Stanley and Mitch because she wants someone to love her and give her a feeling of comfort which she never had. Blanche feels this way because she wants to forget her past life which everyone seems to talk about. Blanche wants to “seduce “ Stanley and Mitch because she wants the attention and wants a guy in her life . She doesn’t really want to seduce them she just wants to talk to someone about her feelings and her life. Blanche doesn’t get the chance because people are to busy judging her about her past life not her present. Blanche tires to motivate herself by trying to use the word seduce as her excuse. What Blanche gets from this is she thinks she is important and she thinks she looks sexy. She does it for her own self esteem. She trys to find ways to make her self important to other people. The power she thinks she gets is controlling the people in her life which she loves but in reality it doesn’t work. Blanche just wants to fit in so she use flirting to blend in.

    Khmran Malik