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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 7: The Setting of "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Hi everyone! The main focus of this week has been your projects about the Great Depression and its effect on various aspects of American life. Therefore, here is what I want you to consider this week: what did you learn while researching this topic, that you didn't know already? How has your research helped you to understand the lives of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird better? Your comments will count as a homework assignment grade for the second marking period of the spring semester.


  1. i have learnt from this project that alot of our black and white all time favourite movies orginned from the great depression times

  2. Keanu McFarlane

    I see where Ms. Mahon got our D.O.L from lol.

    I've learned that back then during the Great Depression, people turned to music, movies and/or books to relax and forget about they're troubles. I also learned that the first Time magazine was created during the 1920s and it competed with Newsweek.

  3. During the course of this project I have learned that authors such as John Steinbeck and Robert Frost published work at precisely illustrates the struggle of the Great Depression.

  4. john rivera one thing i learned from this project is what is a hooverville and they would live in it.

  5. Tanesha Allison

    I learned that hardship can bring out the best in people, and it can also bring out the worst.
    And now I understand what the characters in the book went through and why, more .

  6. i learned how people suffered during the great depresion.I learned that they lived during hard times.

    -ignely abreu

  7. Tayanna Rose

    I learned that farmers had a hard time growing crops. Because of poor crops they were forced to leave their farms. A lot of people died of starvation.