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Friday, April 1, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 6: "A Man's World"?

Okay, so James Brown's song says that "it's a man's world," something Miss Maudie alludes to when talking to Scout about prejudice against women. Do you think that men still rule the world? How are women and men still equal educationally, financially, and socially? How are they still unequal in today's society? Your comments will count as a homework assignment for the second marking period.


  1. Tanesha Allison

    Yes, I think men still kinda rule the world, but the situation is getting much better, but still not good. Women are still less paid for the same position and the same kind of job men do. Also, they are still not given the equal opportunity and equal chances.

  2. To me men do not rule the world to me because, women have the same rights and postion in life as women .

  3. yes i do think men still rule the world.Women are not equally the same to men.Women are not equal in everything to men.

  4. Nataijah Sanchez

    I dont necessarily think that men still rule the world its just that they have better advantages to things. For example, women are looked at differently for working in jobs like construction and physical sports like football. Men and women are equal because they both can receive an education, get a job and live amongst each other but are unequal in wages. Women still make less money than men even though they work side by side. Most jobs have mostly men working. Its sometimes difficult for a women trying to find work in different fields where there is mainly the opposite gender.

  5. Edwin Grullon

    There are as many worlds as there are percievers of it. What world are you creating for yourself? One where you fit in, or one where you feel victimized? Just something to ponder.

  6. Goldie Cook !

    I dont think that men still rule the world but I do think that they have a better shot at certain things then women do, I think its more like a person that has a High School Deploma , or a G.E.D, even though a person with a G.E.D might be able to do a better job by lookin on paper it would seem like a person with a HSD ( High School Deploma) might do a better job. I also think that women are treated unfair when it comes to gettin our point across sometimes females has to fight so hard just to be heard as if when men puts a lil base in they voice. Women can be treated fairly with somethings like parentin, votin, preparin things, ect. And this is how I feel about it being a mans world.

  7. Keanu McFarlane

    I believe that men do not rule the world. Women and men are equal in the sense that we both take the same education and sometimes the same salary. We also both communicate the same way! In today's society, we're unequal because men still believe that they can do EVERYTHING better than a woman.

  8. I believe that men do NOT rule the world.They are all equal educationally,financially, and socially because it depends on how each of them get payed, how much education they get, and who they asociate with.
    -ignely abreu