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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Periods 1 & 2, Post 8: The True Meaning of Courage

In recent weeks, we've talked a lot about how difficult it is for Scout to follow Atticus' instructions to stay away from fights, especially with all of the hateful talk surrounding the Finches as Tom Robinson's trial approaches. Until this point, we have only heard Scout's opinion--that her father was old, and physically weak. This week, we've seen a different side of Atticus: as the best marksman in the county, we now see a man with physical strength and talent, who makes a conscious decision to abstain from violence. What I want you to consider is, why Atticus refuses to use his shooting talents. How does this carry over into his opinions about fighting? What lessons can Scout and Jem take away from this newfound knowledge? Your comments will count as a homework assignment grade for the second marking period of the spring semester.


  1. Well in my opinion Atticus might refuse to use his shooting talents because of his age. He's 50 years old so in my opinion he's a grown up that should be civilized for his kids. Jem and Scout can learn that life is not all about shooting or fighting. In my opinion he wants the best for his childrens.

  2. The one without a name was mine
    Johann Apreza . . . sorry

  3. stephanie nazaireApril 27, 2011 at 6:43 AM

    Lessons they can learn is that as they father as you can see isn't commiting violence well they should see and learn. Whats the point of him using his gun skills knowing that it can get someone hurt and just bring more violence basically.

  4. Jasmin Steele

    The true meaning of courage is when someone stand up for whatever they believe in or an act of being brave.