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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 15: A True Resolution?

Well, we've accomplished two things this week, of which we should be proud: we have finished reading Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, and we've made it to Christmas break!!

Several of you expressed dissatisfaction at the ending of The Bluest Eye, the conclusion of which leaves Pecola crazy and cast out of "civilized" society. My question to you is: why do you dislike the book's conclusion so strongly? What is the definition of a book's "resolution," in literary terms? What makes this novel's resolution so unsatisfactory? Is there anything that could have made the conclusion better?

Your comment will count as a homework assignment for the third marking period.

Enjoy your vacation from school, and have a safe and happy holiday. Don't forget about your homework!! :-)


  1. well i didn't think that the ending was that bad (but it was). If there was anything that could have made the conclusion better in my opinion was that at least people would have helped pecola. I think that a literally term would be foreshadowing because everybody knew or at least had a clue of the ending.
    Johann A.
    i hope yu had a great christmas, and happy new year.

  2. HOOOOOOO!! HOOOOOO!!! hOOOOO!!Ohh Who Ami kidding !Im the Hoe! Lol!.I dislike the books ending because it was based on retrospectibe so i already knew what was going to happen in the end, my theory is that you are suppose to save the best for last. The resolution is unsatisfying because in the beginning it had set a bar so by telling us what was going to happen that when we reach the ending we expected BIG finale but instead it was more predicted and the audience in a book likes to be suprised. Toodless!! Merry X-mas Happy New YEarr!!!

  3. i like the ending alittle because the friends try to help her at the end but it just didint happend. i would have like the ending to be more like a surpise ,but it wasnt.this novel's resolution is unsatisfactory do to the not so great ending.

  4. Stephanie N) I usually like happy endings but didnt enjoy the fact the conclusion of Pecola point blank. Its not fair to be forced against your own will but it seems in this society they dont care. Poof your pregnant poof your an whore. Dont like the book enjoyed some parts though =) have a nice holidayy

  5. i didn't like the ending of the book "bluest eyes' because i thought it was crazy. I had a higher expection toward the ending but it failed. The definition of the word resolution in a book is to solve the character problems. The resolution of the book made it unsatisfactory because at the beginning it literally tells us about what is going to happen, so at the ending their was suppose to have a grand finale. Which didn't happen, Pecola just gt crazy.

    Deorannie Nagamootoo

  6. Megan Rampersad,

    I didnt like the ending of the book Bluest Eye because the ending did not leave me wanting more, i wasnt satisfied. Because in the beginning of the book it told us what was going to happen i kind of wanted to see wat was going to happen by the end of the book but nothing very interesting happened except that Pecola went crazy. In the book resolution is how things to came to an end.

  7. I really didn't like the ending because Pecola went crazy, talking to her invisble friend and went through life thinking that she has blue eyes. In a way that's all Soaphead church could do, because he's not God. i wished that Pecola's baby would of live just to see how everyone would react to the baby, or what was it's gener. If that did happen i would hope that everyone warm up the baby and love that child like Peola would.

  8. Im shock the girl think she has blue eyes, becasue that weriod what im imagine she running around saiding "I have blue eye and all crazy things". The ending could been better Pecola died no have worry about she going run around crazy and at least put her out her horrible life.