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Friday, December 10, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 13: Gender Inequality Regarding Civil Rights

Over the past couple of weeks, we've discussed how the molestation of Claudia's sister, Frieda, at the hands of Mr. Henry foreshadows Pecola's rape by her father in
The Bluest Eye.

For this post, I want to focus on Ms. Dunion's concern that Frieda might be "ruined," as a result of being molested. What does "being ruined" mean? What does this reaction foreshadow for Pecola in the future of the story? And lastly, should this be the primary concern after a young girl is molested? How is there a double standard today, when it comes to sex and people's power over their own bodies?

Your comments will count as a homework assignment for the third marking period.


  1. In my mind, "being ruined" means that your viriginity is gone. Because when your a virgin people say that you're pure and the only way you aren't called ruined is when you lose it when you are married. Well since we all know that Pecola is going to get raped by her father in the book, she is going to feel riuned in the sense that she lost her virginity and it never to be loved. one primary concren for a little girl that got molested by anyone, is how to stop people from molesting her or how to fight back for the next time is happens. Today, in this world is most likely to hear a girl getting raped by an older man than hearing about a boy getting raped by an older woman. women has more controll over their bodies then men.
    JASMIN :)

  2. The term "being ruined" mean that your slut, back to time this story taking place if you had sex before your marry mean your slut, you are unclean and parent may disown you. This reaction think Pecola going to be ruined, and going unclean and disowned. But worry being ruined not primary concern, your main concern is she going have child or something. Not sure today different back then but do have right own body, but sex thing not sure.

  3. Stephanie N)Basically not being pure anymore in their terms you lost your virginty something special to you and your body. I think being touched in places that you dont wanna touch is rape and it is unfair to happen to young women now a days.

  4. I think being ruined means when your not a virgin. You are maybe violated. Not seen in a good way, or like because she got raped she was respected


  5. Tanesha Allison said ..

    I believe that " being ruined " means to lose something that meant alot to you, espically without your permission. When this happens, young girls are more protective of their body and becomes paranoid / scared when somebody touches them inapproiate way.

  6. Definition: Ruined: Doomed to extinction, to be destroyed completely. In those days a womans virginity was very precious its a traditon for a woman to dave their virginity for their husband. Frieda is considered ruined because her virginity was taken away and its considered breaking the tradition, even though it wasnt her fault.

  7. Megan Rampersad,

    In the book being ruined means not having your virginity anymore. If people know what happened to Pecola they would think very differently of her and maybe even her family. This should not be the primary concern, they should be worried if she is hurt and finding the person who did so that he shouldnt do it again. Today people know what can happen when they do things that are unsafe like meeting up with people they never met before or going home with strangers and today people should be more careful since things have gotten alot worse.

  8. Pecola "being ruined" in the book is like she lost her virginity. It means that people would see Pecola in a different way. For me "being ruined" means that there's no solution, that nothing can't be repaired. Pecola's life can't be repaired, thanks to her father her whole life is ruined.

    Johann Apreza

  9. ' Being Ruined ' meaning as in she is no longer a Virgin . People would definitely see Pecola in a different way . In the future , Pecola may have no type so confidence in herself and may feel low because of the everyone speaks of her . To be honest , no one is to say what a young girl is to think after she gets molested . I dont know what that feeling is and wouldn't like to experience it but just imagining , she would probably be in shock and just think that she is dirty . There is very big standards Now-a-days . People feel as if they have every right to say and tell people what they should do with their body . Its your body and you do whatever you please with it . Nobody can say anything to you .

  10. Alll are acttually wrong.. In the book it says that frieda was "ruined" becuz she got molested by mr.henery and they descirbed being ruined as being the maginot line as being fat. That's what they think friedas gonna turn into. But personally I also think being ruined means to lose ur virginity, etc