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Friday, December 3, 2010

Periods 1 & 2, Post 12: Second Marking Period Reflections

Hello, everyone. The second marking period is over; we're now entering the third marking period of the semester--the one that will be reflected on your transcripts.

For this week's blog post, please reflect on your academic performance in this class over the past six weeks. What were your your strengths? In what areas do you need to improve? Taking all of this into account, what grade do you think you deserve for the first marking period? Why?

Your comment will count as a homework assignment for the third marking period.


  1. For the second marking period, I think I
    should recieve a 90 or a 95 because I belive that I worked a litle bit hard. I tried to do the reader's and writers's on time, but its hard to think about what Im going to wite sometimes. I turned in all the homeworks in for The Bluest Eye as soon as possible. In my opinion I think I still need to work on talking in class more.
    JASMIN (:

  2. This Marking period was wrost one I ever felt, because I know did my classwork, read my Independent reading book and do my journal but I didnt do any homework. My strenghts is I do well in class and stand on task, but my weakness is modivate. I deserve form my point view a 65- 70 percent I know improve some area of my daily life.

  3. For this markin period I think i should get a 75 because I didnt do homework but did make sure i cought up on my blogs.I also think I am starting to catch up on my readers and writers book.Over al I think i should get a 75.

    Annalysa cole

  4. Stephanie N) I think that my average will be an outstanding 90 range because i do my homeworks i do what i have to do. Im dedicated and determined and I love to participate in this class. Yet alone i do all my writers and readers sourcebook although i hate readers. And I give in whatever work needed late or EARLY.

  5. For 2nd marking period I didnt do as well because being on top of homework is my weekness but i also notice i come to class late ..but i think i did pretty well when it comes to participation


  6. I think i should recieve an 80 based on persistence and effort. I try my best read but the book bores and i have too many distractions in my house. I do my homework sometimes. I know i might not be the best or star student but I am dedicated towards my work if i put my mind to it

  7. Megan Rampersad,
    Megan Rampersad,

    I think that for this marking period i should get between a 85-90 because i have completed all of my assignments and blogs, but some of my notebook entries were incomplete. What i need to improve is doing my entries in my noteook and just keeping track on making i hand in all of my homworks.

  8. This Marking period i think i did well . I didnt work to my full potential though . My strengths were the Reading\Writing responce journals . For the Second Marking period i think i deserved a 90-95 . I completed all my work and did work hard .