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Friday, September 24, 2010

Periods 6 & 7, Post 2: Your "American Dream"

Hi, everybody. Congratulations on getting through your second full week of classes, and the first few days of fall!!

Our first whole-class text for the semester, A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, deals with the theme of the "American Dream," and of "dreams deferred." What are your dreams for the future? What do you hope to accomplish with your life? What steps do you need to take to achieve these dreams?

In your comment, please make sure to include your name, and to write in complete sentences. Also, pay attention to spelling and grammar.

This will count as a homework assignment for this marking period.


  1. One dream I have for the future is being to speak the Japanese language fluently and hopefully be able to go to the country and learn their culture.

    ~Tayanna Rose~

  2. My American Dream is to make it in life and actually become a legend.
    i use to say it alot when i was little. I had hard life so a lot of people put me down. I've grown up from all of that and I want to become a legend for something that I'm proud of.
    Really its just my redemption of my bad past. The steps I need to do to accomplish is not easy. That doesn't I cant make it. Im just being active and doing alot of things.
    -Dara Mellon

  3. i am john rivera and my drams for the future are between a lawyer or a auto nechanic.For me to acheive this is to finish high school. then go to collage.Than look for a place to hire me.

  4. i am Courtney Campbell
    my dream is to successfully achieve something good life. i would like to pursue career in the field of medicine and then from there on i can to start to live my life the way i want it hopefully some kids along the way feather down with one of the best wife a man can even possibly image

  5. Lyndsey Madden-

    my dreams for the future is to become an entertainment lawyer,

    i hope ot accomplish alot of success and EARN alot of money, the i know i deserve,

    i need to finish high school, get my diploma, serve my undergrade at college that caters to my minor and major, then evetually go to a law school.

  6. Edwin Grullon-

    My dreams for my future is to become a computer program developer.

    To accomplish this "American Dream" i need to finish high school.. Go to college (i want to go to MIT). Get my Degree in Compter Science and engieneering.
    Well then i will Proablly end up working for the goverment or in silicon valley for some major company.. But at least I will be doing something I enjoy..

  7. My dream in the future to become a pilot.I hope I could accomplish my dream and enjoy my life as the richiest person in the world.I have finish highschool,go to four year of college to get my basic learning and then go to pilot school.