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Friday, September 24, 2010

Period 8, Post 2: Your "Heaven"

Hi, all. So, we've made it through two full weeks of classes, as well as the beginning of fall. Quite an accomplishment, don't you think? :-)

In our first whole-class text of the semester, The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, the narrator, Susie, tells us what her version of heaven looks like, and how it reflects both the life on Earth that she's left behind, and what she misses or wishes she had.

I know that we're all very different, and have our own ideas about what happens after we die. However, let's put ourselves in Susie's place for a minute. Assuming what Susie tells us is real, what would your "heaven" look like? What places/things/people would be there? Where would your roads lead to?

Be sure to include your name, and to write in complete sentences. Pay attention to spelling and grammar.

This will count as a homework assignment for this marking period.


  1. jesus dorantes
    my heaven:
    i belive in the theory that after life our soul go to a special place without problems or conflicts.in this place you meet your family thah died .i think that my theory is more closely related to the regilion belive of heaven.

  2. Sergio Ramirez
    My Heaven:
    I think that my heaven would be in a peaceful place where everything is more different. Like sleeping in a deep sleep where your dreams is what have happen to you in life, and where you can never wake up.

  3. Leslie Molina
    My heaven
    i really don't know how it would be
    Maybe with butterflies and things of my imagination.Maybe with things that don't longer exist.Or with people i really miss.It might have my favorite colors and different types or rainbows.It would have the smell of Hispanic food.And maybe just maybe my grandpa would be there waiting for me.If it could happen

  4. Juan arango
    My heaven:
    i think my heaven would be a very peaceful and religuious place , where i can be in peace and dont have no problem from no one , also a heaven were i can see all my family and friend tat i lost , and it will not be no bad people that try to destroy us .