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Friday, June 3, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 11: End-of-Year Reflections

Well, everyone, we've made it to the end of the 2010-2011 academic year. Awesome job!!

This week, I'd like for you to reflect on your performance in this class over course of the past year. What did you do well? Of what are you especially proud? In what areas do you believe that you need to improve? Why? What steps can you take in order to be more successful next year?

Your responses will count as the final homework assignment for the spring semester.

Congratulations. You've made it!! :-)


  1. Tanesha Allison

    I believe I did well in making sure I completed all my homeworks , but im especially proud that I finally made it to the end of your class without failing or getting below a 80. I feel that I need to improve of coming on time because I miss things that have been said . A step I can tak though in order to be more successful next year is stop lingering in the hallways.

  2. I believe I did awesome this year.. I really enjoyed our open discussions about everyday life . I think I grew up alot in your class , mainly pertaining to becoming more open minded . My time management skills have improved to a point where I'm slowly getting my priorities straight . I think I could improve alot on my writing skills , solely because I know I am a good writer but I don't take the time to plan my work out . I need to learn how to take my time and expand my vocabulary when writing . And I would like to personally thank you for helping me learn alot of new things (:

  3. I believe I learned a lot in your class than any of my other classes. The classroom discussion we had made me see a different view on life. If i can improve on anything it has to be, getting to class on time, paying attention, getting all my homework done, and not sleeping in class. I will take everything I learned from your class and bring it with me to my next class and wherever I go.

    ~ Tayanna Rose