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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Periods 6 & 7, Post 4: First Marking Period Reflections

We've made it through the first marking period of the spring semester. Only two more marking periods left in the entire academic year!! :-)

For this week's blog post, please reflect on your academic performance in this class over the past five weeks. What did you do well? Where do you still need to improve? Considering these things, what do you believe you deserve as your first marking period grade? Why?

Your comments will as a homework assignment for the second marking period.


  1. Tanesha Allison

    I believe I did good overrall for the first marking period with my homeworks. I still need to improve on my blog posting and reader/ writer's notebooks. I deserved a 80 or 85.

  2. Keanu McFarlane

    Over this last marking period, I think I've improved. I do my work more & pay attention. I also, participated WAYYYYY more than the first marking period. & Im actually doing my homeworks lol

  3. over this marking period i have been lacking due to my injure so i wont say i should get high marks or so but what i do think is that whatever little i do i should get the mark i deserve. i should try more in doin my blog and hw so i could get backon that right track

  4. Lyndsey Madden

    I did alot well, but I know I can do better. Some improvements would be, doing all my work. I believe I deserve a 90, which is what I recieved.

  5. Edwin Grullon

    My academic work has horrifically unacceptable..
    I have found it more difficult to work improve once you have fallen.. I believe I did deserve the grade that earn...

  6. i did alot of work during the 1st marking period.but i still need to do more and i needed to go to class more often. i think ideserve a 75 because even thought i didnt go to the class as often as i should i did do most or some of the work.
    -ignely abreu